Worry and Anxiety

After a diagnosis of cancer, you may find that it triggers feelings of uncertainty and worry.  Many people experience these feelings, and they can continue well after treatment has finished.  The feelings may come and go, or they can be there all the time.

You may find that you have you have trouble concentrating or are easily distracted, you may have trouble sleeping or are more irritable than usual.  You may also find that you experience physical effects such as a bad stomach, or panic attacks.

Use the box below to have a think about how you are feeling.


How are you feeling?  Are you...

  1. Worrying more than usual?
  2. Feeling tense?
  3. In a bad mood?
  4. Shaky?
  5. Sweating?
  6. Worrying about certain things - like leaving the house?
  7. Feeling sick?
  8. Unable to concerntrate?
  9. Having problems sleeping?
  10. Worrying about the future?
  11. Having panic attacks?

If you experiencing any of these feelings you may find the following helpful to look at some of the things to try, downloads and links.

If you are feeling particularly distressed, or if your symptoms are severe, you may want to seek further help.

You can speak to your TYA Specialist Nurse, your GP or find other support services in your area


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Things to Try...