There are a variety of screening tests available, that will help you to keep an eye on your overall health, and to identify potential or actual health problems before they become an issue for you. For example, most girls are invited for cervical screening when they turn 25, and some may be invited sooner if they are experiencing symptoms that are concerning them, such as bleeding after sex.

Young people who are sexually active are recommended to undergo screening for chlamydia, which is a very straightforward test – simple self-swab test for girls, urine test for guys – and the test kits for this screening programme are found in most GP surgeries and many pharmacies/young people’s clinics.

If you have a family history of a particular health problem, you might find it helpful to discuss this with your GP, and if there are screening tests available they will be able to talk to you about this. Attending screening appointments can be scary, so you may want to take a friend or family member along to your appointment. However, it is important to attend these appointments, as delays in identifying health problems can have a big impact on your future health.

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