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After a diagnosis of cancer, many people worry that they have done something to “cause” the cancer, or that the cancer is a result of their lifestyle choices. However, very often there is no way of knowing why you have cancer, and you couldn’t possibly have predicted it. Some people become concerned about their health and lifestyle choices, and others may choose to continue living life as before. If you are concerned about your health, and would like to know how you can help to keep yourself healthy, there is some general information and advice that may help you to make choices about your lifestyle. You could also speak to a member of your TYA Team for more information.

It is important to remember that sometimes there is no way of knowing that you will be unwell, and worrying excessively about becoming ill could be damaging to your health and wellbeing. If anxiety about your health is becoming an issue, and you’re spending a lot of time worrying about this, you might find it helpful to speak about your anxiety to your GP, or to a member of your TYA Team.

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