Being diagnosed with cancer can make you feel different from your friends, and you may feel as though your thoughts and feelings are different from the people you were close to before. You may find that some friends are very supportive, and others aren’t so supportive, which can be very upsetting.

Staying in touch with friends, and accepting their support, can help to keep your spirits up during treatment. However, some people find that using social networking sites can be upsetting, and for many people, watching friends ‘move on’ can be very tough. It can be helpful to speak to other young people in a similar situation, or you may find it helpful to ask a particular friend that you trust to pass on information to the rest of your social group. Some people use emails rather than social networking sites, or join different social networking sites for ‘cancer’ and ‘non-cancer’ chat. You can also speak to a member of your TYA Team for further support or ideas about how to maintain friendships.

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