Colleagues or School/College/Uni peers

You may have been working or studying before your cancer diagnosis, or you may enter the world of work/study following treatment. Whatever your situation, it can be difficult to know what to say to your wider social circle or new friends about your cancer diagnosis, and it is your choice whether you tell people that you have had cancer. If you are in work, your employer cannot discriminate against you because of your cancer diagnosis by law, and they should offer you appropriate support in your work. If you are at college or university, there is likely to be a pastoral support team, or student support service, that will be able to help you to make decisions about your study and offer you the necessary support and information for you to be able to progress.

If you are concerned about the impact the diagnosis will have on your work or study, or you would like further support in talking to people about cancer, speak to a member of your TYA Team.

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