Adult family members

During your teenage and young adult years, you will probably be gaining independence, and spending less time with your parents and older family members, and more time with your friends or partner. If this transition from childhood into adulthood is interrupted by a cancer diagnosis, you could find yourself spending much more time with adult family members. This can be a source of great comfort while you are on treatment, but as a young adult it may also be very challenging, as it is not how you would usually spend your time, and you may feel that you want to keep some of your independence. 

You may want to know about your treatment and be responsible for this yourself, or you may prefer a family member or partner to know about your treatment so that you can take a step back and focus on your recovery. If you explain your feelings to your Doctor, Nurse or TYA Team they will support your decisions about who you would like to involve in planning your care.

You may find it helpful to share some of the techniques on this website with your family, so that they can manage some of their anxiety or concerns too.

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